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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Chaos and violence continue, Hillary Clinton continues to embrace destruction and death, Brett McGurk spins to Congress, and much more. Starting with US politics, yesterday Hillary Clinton suffered a stunning loss in New Hampshire as voters in that state's Democratic Party primary overwhelmingly chose Senator Bernie Sanders while rejecting her to be the party's presidential nominee. Among her problems with voters? Her 2002 vote for the Iraq War. While Hillary eventually would term the vote a "mistake," that only created more problems for her. When most people were taught by parents and/or guardians about mistakes, they were taught not only to admit to their mistake but to make some good faith effort to fix the mistake. Hillary keeps insisting she has some fabled foreign policy knowledge. But if her vote for the war on Iraq was a mistake -- and if she's... (more)

Menjaga Hati...
Menjaga Hati... banyak kesempatan.... dan beribu kilauan yang mengajakku bermain-main... dulu....ketika masih mencari yang sejati terkadang aku ikut juga bermain... dan tertarik dengan kilauan yang ada.... tapi itu dulu.... tidak untuk sekarang.... walau kilauan bersinar terang.... dan permaian semakin.... luar biasa aku bisa menepi itu... dan membuatku hambar tuk itu semua... padahal itu semua tak sulit.... tuk ku raih... kutau semua itu semu... semua hampa...

hard but loving words
By Rev. Wayne Palmer Lenten Devotion 2016 And the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to put Him to death, for they feared the people (Luke 22:2). Read John 12:12-19. People don't take too kindly to being told they are wrong-not today and not in Jesus' day either. When someone confronts our decisions-or even worse, challenges the way we have chosen to live our lives-we are tempted to write him off as narrow-minded and intolerant. It's fine for him to believe what he thinks is right, but he should leave me free to believe and live the way I think is right. The only trouble with that is we don't get to decide what's right and wrong: God does. For many months Jesus has been confronting the Jewish religious authorities. They cling to a religion of works: human rules and traditions by which they believe they earn blessings in this life and eternal life with God afterward. But Jesus knows better. He knows His Father in heaven is holy and perfect. God cannot... (more)

Business Advice
Advantages of Buying Promotional
Products Online

Buying your promotional products and corporate identity apparel online provides five major advantages: a greater selection, better pricing, convenience, customer service, and faster ordering time. Factories often display their entire line of products on the web, providing you with a greater selection of products. With all of these factories on the web, you gain the opportunity to compare quality and pricing in a simple and easy online format, instead of wasting time browsing through endless catalogs that crowd your work center. Better pricing is readily available on the web, but you have to dig and probe for it. Type in any promotional product related keywords into your favorite search engine and sift through the results until you find a promotional products company with discount pricing. A great trick is to choose an item and have several promotional product companies give you a quote, ALWAYS including any set up charges and freight. This will get you a true number to compare an... (more)

Perasaan bercerlaru
Minggu ni aku cuti seminggu sempena raya cina... pada selasa aku ke tempat yang aku wish list iaitu pantai klebang... ya.. aku berpuas hati walaupun hanyalah aku sendiri yang pergi... dan harini aku melihat bekas pensyarah matrikulasi aku si Muzaamir pergi ke Bangkok untuk menonton konsert madonna... ya.. aku memang meminati madonna sejak aku sekolah menengah lagi.. hingga lah sekarang.. mmg plu minat madonna.. mostly la.. tapi konsert nya di bangkok mungkin aku terlepas.. dan paling hampir dengan malaysia adalah singapore.. pada 28 ni... lagi dalam 20 hari lagi.. ada benda yang aku merasakan susah untuk aku mengejari impian aku ini.. kerana hanya aku dikalangan member aku yang meminati madonna.. mereka semua x minat.. ada ker plu lain yang minat madonna.. mungkin kelompok aku ni x luas.. maksud aku media sosial aku ni x ramai menjadi member aku hanya sekitar 200 orang saja. entah la.. mmemang aku merasakan aku ni seorang yang penakut dan tidak adventure... tidak berani dan tidak... (more)

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