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Endless whining
Holiday Starts
I am not going anywhere and I am actually quite happy about it. Sometimes I just like routines and the predictability of things. And I am meeting up with so many friends who I have not met for such a long time. I am really glad to see them. That's also possible because I am not going anywhere.

Campus Kitchen Day 7
Today in the kitchen we made food for the office of aging to be served to the elderly guests there. Again it was just me and one other volunteer but we luckily just made everything on time to bring it over. We made salmon, corn and veggie stir fry, rice, salad, and pumpkin bread. I was actually impressed with the meal in the end it was very nice and full, I kinda wanted to have some when we were serving. It went pretty smoothly and I guess we were supposed to have a delivery of donations that we were gonna have to sort but the girl never brought them. So we had some free time while we waited for things to be done cooking which was a good break because my feet were starting to hurt. Once we were done cooking we put everything in a big bag and cleaned up the kitchen. We then had to bring everything over to the building across the street. We went into the kitchen there and made up plates that people brought out to be served to the elderly folks. They were all very appreciative and we... (more)

I cringe/crumpled,/crinkled,/tossed,/forgotten/I awaken,/blossom born/my fingers unclench/as I reach for air.

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Bercuti 2

Rabu dan Khamis lepas aku saja la ambik cuti. Saja nak rehat dekat rumah :) Dah lama rasanya tak bercuti sambil bermalasan di rumah. Before this kalau cuti pun mesti sebab ada urusan ka apa. So tak aci la kan.. Heheh.. Tapiii... bila dah duduk rumah, sebenarnya tak boleh rehat and bermalasan sangat lah. Sebab bila tengok kain baju bertimbun, rumah nak kena sapu. Memang lah hari-hari sapu. Tapi kalau dah sampai rumah pun dah malam, memang sapu setakat tempat yang nampak jerlah. Bila cuti macam nie la baru ada masa sikit nak godek-godek semua tempat and sapu properly. Lepas tu tengok tingkap pulak sakit mata sebab dah berapa hari tak gantung langsir lain. Hari tu dah tukar untuk basuh, tapi belum berganti lagi. So dah gantung semua langsir, tengok dalam peti ais pulak ada apa yang boleh di masak. Dah masak semua, nak lipat kain pulak. Basuh kain dah 3-4 round. Jenis semua orang reti basuh baju sendiri tak pa la jugak. Mujur bapak bukan jenis macam tu. Dia akan basuh baju sendiri.... (more)

Yana Life Updates 1.3
Good Friday everybody~! Akhirnya Jumaat yg penuh barakah datang lagi. Syukur alhamdulillah mendapat peluang untuk bangun dari mati yg sementara hari ini. Yana have to let this out.. Rasa tak tentu arah.. It's hard to keep a platonic relationship clean. I mean like, the temptation to just be friends with benefits or turning the platonic relationship into a real relationship is so great. But what makes it even more complicated is that the other person is attached / engaged / married / not looking for committed relationship. Sometimes Yana got a crush on someone, but cannot tell him coz of the complicated situation.. Then Yana terpaksalah pendam jer dlm hati.. Mlm2 nangis mengenang nasib yg mcm kentang ni.. Yes, sometimes I cry myself to sleep.. Coz of the loneliness.. Or just letting out the frustration.. So that i can wake up happy the next day.. There is always someone who will spoil my morning, but that is totally another story altogether.. Haha.. Yana going to get back... (more)

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